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HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor

Models and Datasheets:​


HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor


  • HKR500/10-29 Air flow 500 l/min, weight 43kg

  • HKR600/15-26 Air flow 600 l/min, 15 bar, weight 43kg

  • HKR800/10-43 Air flow 800 l/min, weight 43kg

  • HKR1300/10-37 Air flow 1300 l/min, weight 74kg

  • HKR2000/10-53 Air flow 2000 l/min, weight 74kg

  • HKR2500/10-67 Air flow 2500 l/min, weight 74kg

  • HKR4000/10-104 Air flow 4000 l/min, weight 137kg

  • HKR5000/10-137 Air flow 5000 l/min, weight 137kg

  • HKR7500/10-183 Air flow 7500 l/min, weight 270kg

  • HKR11000/10-280 Air flow 11000 l/min, weight 382kg



  • Cyclone filters

  • Temperature switch

  • Water separators

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