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Flushing Rigs

Over time hydraulic systems can accumulate multiple waste products including debris, sludge, varnish and contaminated/degraded fluid within the system vastly reducing its efficiency. If these waste products are not adequately dealt with then this can result in failure of the system and the need to completely replace it.

Our custom built flushing rigs are the solution to combating this issue. Manufactured or modified specific to the customers system requirements we can build the perfect flushing rig for your application.

Flushing rig design

We have the ability to modify any of our existing flushing rig fleet to meet your hydraulic systems requirements. Furthermore our engineers can provide full technical assistance of the installation and operation of the rig.

Below are some examples of the flushing rig systems that we have produced for our customers.

For further information and a sale/hire quote do not hesitate to contact one of our technical experts today:

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