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Flushing Rig Design

The purpose of a flushing rig is to create turbulent flow (Reynolds number > 2000) and dislodge dirt particles from the pipes or hoses connected to this equipment and collect the dirt particles within the filtration system.

This particular flushing rig utilised the following Flushing pumps:

3 x 86.87cc Gear pumps to create a maximum flow at 50Hz = 126Lpm and at 60Hz = 151Lpm

Combined flow at 50Hz = 378Lpm. (Maximum 28Bar)

Combined flow at 60Hz = 453Lpm. (Maximum 28Bar)

Filling / Emptying / Recirculation pump.

1 x 22.8cc to create a maximum flow at 50Hz 32Lpm and at 60Hz = 38Lpm. (Maximum 12Bar)

In terms of the total oil capacity:

Hydraulic reservoir 500 Litres to the top. Filters and pipes (Skid only) 50 Litres to give a total of 550 Litres.

For further information and a sale/hire quote do not hesitate to contact one of our technical experts today:

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