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Oil Analysis & Testing

At Fluid Power Solutions we provide an extensive professional oil analysis , laboratory testing and reporting service. The benefit of regularly testing your systems oil are numerous. By detecting contaminants and potential degradation of oil early this can result in:

  • Prevention of a catastrophic system failure.

  • Improved system efficiency and system life span.

  • Significantly lower repair costs.

  • Prevention of non-scheduled downtime due to system failure.

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Our experienced engineers collect oil samples from your system on site before being tested at our highly equipped laboratory.  Once the samples have undergone testing we will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations on next steps for your system.  

We recommend regular testing of systems so that we can track progress of issues over time thus creating an ever more detailed level of feedback.

Below is just a few of a the laboratory testing services we can offer:

Spectrographic Analysis  - Using Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy to determine elements present within an oil sample.

FTIR Testing - Using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to determine oxidation , sulphation , nitration and soot levels of a test sample.

Flashpoint Analysis - We use this test method to determine if a flammable or volatile material has contaminate your oil, or whether the oil has begun to degrade and produce contaminants. 

Karl Fisher Testing - Used to detect moisture levels within an oil sample.

Particle Counting - Testing to ISO code 4406 we can determine particulates size and frequency within the sample.

Oil Viscosity - Using Houillon Viscometers  we can calculate the kinematic viscosity of the oil sample .

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