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HPW Hydraulic Power Washer

Models and Datasheets:​


HPW Hydraulic Power Washer

Power washer unit options include:​

  • HPW200 Mobi Power Washer 200bar 30lpm (Includes : HPW200washer, Carrying frame + wheels, Press.hose 10m, Pistol ST2300-800-SW, suction hose, Hydraulic hoses 2,5m+TR)

  • HPW220 Mobi Power Washer 220bar 50lpm, (Includes : HPW220washer,Carrying frame + wheels, Press.hose 10m, Pistol ST2300-800-SW, suction hose, Hydraulic hoses 2,5m+TR)

  • HPW200 Van Power washer 200bar 30lpm (Includes : HPW200 washer (VK), Press.hose 10m, Pistol ST2300-800-SW, suction hose, Hydraulic hoses 2,5m (to connect to van's power steering))

  • HPW200 FOX Power washer 200bar 30lpm (Includes : HPW200washer, Press.hose 10m, Pistol ST2300-500-ST357 (turbo nozzle), suction hose, Hydraulic hoses 2,5m+TR)



  • PT Blocks

    • Pressure reducer and flow limiters

    • LS-water pressure control

    • Free flow

  • Washing gun with single or duplex spraying pipe 50 l/min to 120 l/min (125 – 3000 bar)

  • Washing gun with electric control for 15 l/min to 50 l/min (250 – 2000 bar)

  • Pressure hoses

  • Suction hose + filters with claw coupling

  • Suction filters

  • Carrying frame HPW 200/30-45, with handle

  • Spraying nozzles MEG – 1/4 point (0 deg) / fan, 15 … 65 deg std. 25 deg

  • Water cutting nozzle, sharp point spray (incl. body)

  • Rotating turbo nozzles 200 – 1500 bar

  • Hydraulic rotating nozzle 360deg 5-90lpm 100-1600bar, for paint removal and hydro demolition

  • Hydraulic brush / sector nozzle 90deg 5-90lpm 220 bar

  • Hydraulic 3D bin washing nozzle, tank etc.

  • Sand blasting equipment 20 l/min 200 bar

  • Sand blasting equipment 50 l/min 500 bar, point or fan spray

  • Hose reel 20m, spring reel-in, with automatic latch, without hose (max550bar)

  • Hose reel 20m AIS, spring reel-in, with autom. latch, without hose(max200bar)

  • Water heating unit 200bar, 110kW, diesel (25lpm delta t=58C)

  • Water heating unit 500bar, 110kW, diesel (25lpm delta t=58C)

  • Washing injector R 3/8, adjustable mixing ratio

  • Mud pump / filling pumps

  • Flow multipliers

  • Pipe cleaning equipment – check PPL and accessories

  • Street washing equipment – check KPL and accessories

  • Firefighting equipment – check HPW FIRE and accessories

  • Hydraulic hose reels

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