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HK Hydraulic Compressor

Models and Datasheets:​

HK Piston Compressor
HK-450-Image 2.jpg
HK-1000-Hydraulic-Compressor Image 1.jpg

HK - Hydraulic Piston Compressor


  • HK 450/8 - 14 Air flow 450 l/min, 8 bar, air tank 4 l, weight 37kg - (Part Number = D300104000)

  • HK 1000/12 - 35 Air flow 1000 l/min, 12 bar, Air tank 14 l, weight 80kg - (Part Number = D300101230)

HK Datasheet New.png


  • Pneumatic stopping automat -PNE

  • Electric stopping automat -E

  • Cyclone air filter for HK 450-Y

  • Flow limiting valve to the pressure port -S

  • Electric on /off -SV

  • Breather tank -H

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