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FCV1 - Mobile Filter Cart

FCV1  - Key Features


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  • Available in 110/230v Single-Phase and 415v Three-Phase connections.

  • Highly manoeuvrable compact frame.

  • Simple operation and maintenance.

  • High flow rate pump of 50 l/min when in operation

  • Absolute filtration down to 3 microns using high quality filter elements with high dirt holding capacity.

  • Can process fluids of viscosity range 10-500cst.

  • Able to operate consistently in a range of environments and conditions.

  • Optional in-line contamination monitor (particle counter)

FCV1 Benefits

The Fluid Power Solutions Ltd. FCV1 mobile filtration units are designed to operate independently of the target system, it is suitable for filling and filtering hydraulic fluids and lubrication tanks.

The unit is highly manoeuvrable allowing the filtration systems to be moved between various systems with ease.

The unit operates by using an integrated pump to create pressure and flow therefore filtering the target system and removing contaminants and moisture. By using the FCV1 mobile filtration unit, system and component wear can be significantly reduced therefore improving system efficiency and reliability.

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