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Dynaset HG Hydraulic Generator

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HG - 50Hz, IP23

HG - 50HZ, IP23 Datasheet Page 1.png
HG - 50HZ, IP23 Datasheet Page 2.png
HG - 50HZ, IP23 Datasheet Page 3.png

HG - 50Hz, IP54

HG - 50HZ, IP54 Page 1.png

HG - 60Hz, IP23

HG - 60HZ, IP23.png


VDC datasheet Page 1.png

HG Super Compact, 50Hz

Super Compact Series 50Hz Dataheet.png

HG Super Compact UL, 60Hz

HG Super Compact Series, 60Hz Data sheet


IP54 Datasheet.png


  • Separate electric central, cable max 10 m

  • Operation switch for single use(incl. Emergency stop)

  • Operation switch for dual use (incl. Emergency stop)

  • Weather protector (cover)

  • Add-on installation valves for D3007 valve block

    • Solenoid valve with oil flow limiter and LS

    • Pressure relief for RPM-control cartridge

    • 3/2 Solenoid valve

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