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HGV Power Box Variable Hydraulic Generator System

Models and Datasheets:​

HGV POWER BOX Variable Hydraulic Generat
HGV-65-PowerBox-New 2.jpg
HGV Power Box - All in one

HGV Power Box - All in one

HGV Power Box Datasheet.png


  • HGV Power Box 3,5kVA -45cc LS pump rpm 500 - 4000

  • HGV Power Box 6,5kVA -45cc LS pump rpm 750 - 4000

  • HGV Power Box 10kVA -60cc LS pump rpm 850 - 4000

  • HGV Power Box 15kVA -90cc LS pump rpm 700 - 3000

  • HGV Power Box 20kVA -140cc LS pump rpm 650 - 300

HGV Power box - Variable Hydraulic Generator System

HGV Power box - Variable
Power Box datasheet new.png


  • Additional hydraulic PTO (50lpm) for example to winch


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