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HSP Hydraulic Submersible Pump

DYNASET HSP Hydraulic Submersible Pump converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine, vehicle or vessel into high volume water pumping power.


Part Number = HSP4000/5-100

Product Code = D400011250


Output Characteristics

Output max (l/min (U.S. gpm)) = 5000 (1300)

Head max (m (ft.)) = 30 (100)

Discharge at standard head of 5m (l/min (U.S. gpm)) = 4000 (1000)

Hose Ø  (in) =  5


Hydraulic Power Requirements 

Flow max (l/min (U.S gpm)) = 100 (26.4)

Pressure max (bar (psi)) = 250 (3600)


Overall Dimensions

Width (mm (in)) = 450 (17.7)

Height (mm (in)) = 900 (35.4)

Weight (kg (lbs)) = 45 (99.2)


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Dynaset Hydraulic Submersible Pump HSP4000/5-100 (D400011250)

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