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HPW Hydraulic Drilling Fluid Pump: 


DYNASET HDF pump converts the hydraulic oil flow of a base machine into pumping power. HDF pumps are used for pumping drilling fluids. The power of the pump is defined by flow rate and pressure. Actuating power is supplied from the hydraulic system of the base machine or other hydraulic installation. Pumping fluid can be taken from reservoir or pressurized supply network.


The relationship between hydraulic oil flow and pressure to pumping fluid flow and pressure is linear. HDF pumps can be safely operated in power range of 0 - 100%.


Part Number = HDF160/70-90

Product Code = D200106150


Output Characteristics

Pumping Fluid Flow Max (l/min (U.S gpm)) = 70 (18.5)

Pressure Max (bar (psi)) = 160 (2300)

Power Max (kW) = 19

Hydraulic Power Requirements 

Flow Max (l/min (U.S gpm)) = 90 (23.8)

Operating Pressure (bar (psi)) = 180 (2600)

Pressure Max (bar (psi)) = 210 (3000)


Overall Dimensions

Length (mm (in)) = 220 (8.7)

Width (mm (in)) = 330 (13.0)

Height (mm (in)) = 180 (7.1)

Weight (kg (lbs)) = 28 (61.7)


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Dynaset Hydraulic Drilling Fluid Pump HDF160/70-90 (D200106150)

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