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MP Filtri Stainless Steel Filter Sales

High pressure stainless steel filters are used as process filters to protect individual valves or the entire hydraulic circuit from contamination as per ISO 4406.

11 versions are available with operating pressures ranging from 60 bar to 1000 bar.

A range of products is available to resolve all filter mounting problems, in the following configurations:

  • FZP In-line pressure filter with threaded mount

  • FZH In-line pressure filter with threaded mount for higher pressure

  • FZX In-line pressure filter with threaded mount up to 1000 bar

  • FZB Manifold side mounting

  • FZM Manifold top mounting

  • FZD Duplex pressure filter for continuous operation requirements


FZ stainless steel filters are specifically designed for applications in the:

  • Process engineering

  • Water hydraulics

  • Offshore technology

  • Marine technology

  • High pressure hydraulics

  • Any application in harsh or aggressive environment

To find the perfect product for your application do not hesitate to contact one of our technical experts today:

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