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Hydraulic PTO Kit

At Fluid Power Solutions we can provide a full Hydraulic PTO (Power take off) installation kit for you and your service vehicle.

Our PTO kit includes all components necessary for creating hydraulic power with your vehicle including :

- Hydraulic belt driven PTO and appropriate hydraulic pump
- Oil tank and accessories
- Control valves
- Hydraulic cooler (if required )
- Hose and fitting assemblies
- Electrical Control Box

As an official DYNASET distributor we can also supply hydraulic generators , water pumps, compressors and many more products to create the perfect service vehicle for your needs.

Below is a quick video of a recently supplied PTO kit for a Toyota Hilux in operation.

This particular kit included a Dynaset 5kva generator for powering geological testing equipment.

For further information and a sale/hire quote do not hesitate to contact one of our technical experts today:

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