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Test Rig Design

Our unique and fully comprehensive test rigs are designed and built in house and boasts the ability to test pumps, motors, and system components all on the same rig either separately or if needed together. Our unique design allows us to drive pumps and dynamically shaft load motors. We can control the driven speed and loading of the test from the safety of the remote test console.

All types of control can be tested and set to design or customer specification. Be it a open or closed circuit, the test rig can facilitate for load sensing, electrical proportional, pilot operation, power regulation, torque regulation, pressure compensation, speed regulation and flow compensation type controls. 

Tests are recorded on our 30 channel data acquisition system that records up to 10000 scans / second.

On the rig we can record :

  • Input and output flow 

  • Pressure 

  • Speed

  • Temperature

  • Control pressure 

  • Voltage 

  • Current  

  • Power

  • Torque 

  • Efficiency

  • Pressure differential values 

For further information and a sale/hire quote do not hesitate to contact one of our technical experts today:

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