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15ft Container HPU V2

At Fluid Power Solutions Ltd we are experts in bespoke hydraulic systems.

Our 2nd version of the 15ft container based hydraulic power unit utilizes 2x 110kw electric motors, 1x 22kw motor  and a 1700l stainless steel tank. The skid is contained within a custom 15ft container for easy transportation. This 242kw hydraulic power unit is completely bespoke to the clients requirement and brief – in this instance its purpose will be to provide hydraulic power to a boring machine for the tunneling sector.

Before manufacturing is commenced on any Fluid Power system we begin by fully designing all aspects of the HPU using CAD including all steel pipe runs to ensure that the design is as compact and efficient as possible.

At Fluid Power Solutions we design, manufacture and commission all of our systems in house at our Doncaster based workshop. Each system is totally customizable to the requirements of the client.

For further information and a sale/hire quote do not hesitate to contact one of our technical experts today:

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